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Accentuate Your Style With Women’s Watches

At Shinola, we thoughtfully design all types of watches for women, source the highest quality materials, and then proudly assemble them at our factory in Detroit. Bright and striking. Detailed and delicate. Sophisticated and enduring. Shinola creates a women’s watch for every outfit or occasion in life. 

We believe it’s your style that makes you stand out, and you may need a change now and then to keep things fresh. All our products, from our women’s watches and women’s collections to our jewelry collection, are built to stand the test of time. Watch cases are crafted using high-quality crystal, micron gold plating, stainless steel, and more. Our watches for women include a broad selection of case sizes, ranging from a delicate 28MM to a classic 34MM and up to a statement-piece 45MM. With replaceable bands, you can personalize your favorite women’s watches with quality leather straps, delicate silver bracelets, sleek mesh clasps, and many other fashion-forward options in different colors. You’ll have everything you need to craft every last everyday and special occasion outfit. Make sure your look is always timeless–and occasion-appropriate.

Designed with precision, Shinola’s collection of watches for women is made for all the events in your life. It'll only be a matter of time before you fall in love with one of our top women's watches.

Shinola’s timeless watches for women and leather straps are assembled and crafted by artisans right here in Detroit. We stand behind the quality craftsmanship in our women’s watches, built to be lived in, worn out, and well-loved.  Find women’s watches that inspire you to be confident in the sophisticated, minimalist, or understated style that’s uniquely your own.

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  1. The Sea Creatures 40mm

    New Arrival

    The Sea Creatures 40mm Black/Black


  2. The Sea Creatures 40mm

    New Arrival

    The Sea Creatures 40mm Alabaster/Gray


  3. The Sea Creatures 40mm

    New Arrival

    The Sea Creatures 40mm Alabaster/Orange


  4. The Orange Pop Detrola 43mm

    New Arrival

    The Orange Pop Detrola 43mm Blue


  5. The UFO Detrola 38mm

    New Arrival

    The UFO Detrola 38mm Space Blue


  6. The Birdy 34mm
    The Birdy 34mm White


  7. The Bike Lock 20mm
    The Bike Lock 20mm Navy


  8. The Derby 30mm
    The Derby 30mm Navy


  9. The Derby 30mm
    The Derby 30mm Two Tone


  10. The Derby 30mm
    The Derby 30mm Silver


  11. The Derby 30mm
    The Derby 30mm Cognac


  12. The Bike Lock 20mm
    The Bike Lock 20mm Silver


  13. The Bike Lock 20mm
    The Bike Lock 20mm Gold


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