Leather Watch Straps

  1. 18mm Blush Leather Strap
  2. 24mm Orange Leather Strap
  3. 22mm Orange Leather Strap
  4. 20mm Orange Leather Strap
  5. 24mm Navy Leather Strap
  6. 22mm Navy Leather Strap
  7. 14mm Black Leather Strap
  8. 22mm Navy Perforated Leather Strap


Mix and match your watch and your style with Shinola’s leather watch strap collection. These straps were designed with a style that thinks in decades, not seasons. Timeless in both their style and how we craft them to endure alongside our timepieces, Shinola leather watch bands are built to be lived in, well-loved, and worn out. They age and weather the years beautifully, developing a unique patina over time.

At Shinola, we’ve thoughtfully crafted our leather watch straps to showcase taste while maintaining comfort and durability. Since we’re known for our leather watch straps, we’ve created over 100 different leather watch band designs. Choose from many different colors, stitching arrangements, and buckles featuring our quick-release strap feature. Did we mention they’re compatible with all our most popular watches? Our premium leather watch straps also vary in length and width to give you a perfect, customizable fit to both your watch and your wrist. 

Shop our collection to find a leather watch band to match any occasion and personal style.

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