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  • 1 Access the spring bar on the outside of the lug/horn.
  • 2 With the pointed tip of the tool, depress the spring bar end from the outside of the lug/horn.
  • 3 Pull up on the end of the strap where it connects until it releases.
  • 4 Replace the spring bar in your new Shinola strap.
  • 5 Insert one end of the spring bar into the hole on the inside of the lug/horn.
  • 6 Depress the spring bar with tip of fingernail or fork end of spring bar tool and insert into opposite side of lug/horn.
  • 7 Confirm attachment.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Shinola customer service at 1-844-SHINOLA or email us at

How to determine Shinola watch strap size

To determine which strap size you need, measure the distance in millimeters between the lugs on your watch case. This number reflects the strap size required.

In this short Shinola video tutorial, we will show you how
to easily swap out your quick-release leather strap.

Watch Straps

At Shinola, our women’s and men’s watch bands are designed with intention. In order to match your distinct style and personality, we’ve crafted a wide variety of watch straps for dressing up Saturday night and rolling up your sleeves on Monday. These watch bands offer versatility. 

Our stainless steel and gold bracelets offer a sleek elegance that is both modern and refined. If you’re looking for a style that thinks in decades instead of seasons, we suggest our genuine alligator watch straps. Or perhaps you’d like to embrace modern technology with a chic accent. In that case, we have premium leather straps compatible with your Apple watch. Finally, our nylon and rubber watch straps have been conscientiously constructed for when comfort and durability take first place.

Speaking of versatility, you can use these watch bands as replacements for the original watch strap your Shinola watch comes with. Suddenly a single timepiece can slip from one watch band to another and seamlessly transition between all occasions.

You can also rest assured that each watch strap is infused with quality. Our watch bands are stitched and assembled right here in Detroit.

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