Men's Jewelry

  1. 8mm Beaded Bracelet Onyx
  2. 4mm Beaded Bracelet Onyx
  3. 8mm Beaded Bracelet Tiger's Eye
  4. Octagonal Cufflinks
  5. 8mm Beaded Bracelet Lapis
  6. Tag Necklace
  7. Tag Ring
  8. Simple Chain Necklace

Accessorize With Sophisticated Men’s Jewelry

Ladies aren’t the only ones who want to have fun with accessories. Men’s jewelry from Shinola pairs masculine styles with timeless designs fit for any man. Choose from a variety of men’s jewelry rings, cufflinks, and bracelets available in 14k gold and sterling silver. Many of our male jewelry designs also include coveted stones like Petoskey and lapis. Up the ante with men’s jewelry engraved with unique details. Monogram your initials in our Octagonal Signet Ring or add a touch of your own personality with an engraving on our Bike Lock ID Bracelet. Celebrate clean and classic designs with a piece from the Shinola men’s jewelry collection.

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