Men's Bags & Accessories

  1. Utility Money Clip
  2. Utility Folded Card Holder
  3. Utility Card Case
  4. Utility Bifold
  5. Engravable Luggage ID Tag
  6. Double Ring Belt
  7. U Shaped Buckle Belt
  8. U Shaped Buckle Belt


Shinola’s men’s leather goods and bags are designed for the man with a plan. Whatever your plan is, we have genuine and high-quality leather goods for you that combine both utility and classic design. 

Our men’s leather goods include bags, wallets, belts, and more in a variety of styles, different types of leather, and sizes. We have briefcases and laptop cases for the man at the office, canvas totes and duffel bags for the man on the move, and backpacks and messenger bags for the man who loves to travel. With so many options, you’re sure to find a leather good that best fits any lifestyle—and style.

Shop our collection of men’s leather goods and bags to buy or gift the perfect item for any man’s unique style.


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