Watch Repair Diagnostic Fee

What is a diagnostic fee?

A diagnostic fee includes a complete diagnostic of every function of your watch, which will help us identify any issues, defects, or repairs needed with your watch.

What is included in your diagnostic fee?

  • Battery replacement for all quartz watches (guaranteed for 2 years)

  • A complete diagnostic on your well loved watch

The diagnostic on both mechanical and quartz includes:

  • Checking time keeping

  • Testing movement consumption or movement efficiency

  • Checking hand alignment

  • Checking all gaskets

  • Checking ATM water resistance

  • Identifying and replacing any warranty covered defects

  • Identifying if any outside of warranty repairs are needed

What if there is a repair needed?

After we identify any repairs needed through your watch's diagnosis, we will first identify if it is an in-warranty repair or out-of-warranty repair. If the repair is outside of what is covered in our limited lifetime warranty, we will subtract $25 from your repair charge. This total will be communicated to you through our Customer Service team.

Why do I have to pay $25 if my watch is covered under warranty?

Our limited lifetime warranty and Detrola's 3 year warranty both cover any manufacturing defects, but do not cover battery changes, water damage, or any other damages caused through wear and tear. The diagnostic fee will allow us to identify exactly why your watch has stopped ticking and find a solve so it can remain your trusted companion for a lifetime.

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