Honcho. Detrola by Shinola. Introducing the Honcho. Honcho. Detrola by Shinola. Introducing the Honcho.

It’s a Gold Rush.

Man holding an umbrella, wearing a raincoat, smiling and wearing a Detrola watch and a woman standing against a blue cinder-block wall smiling

The Official Watch
Of SomethingTM

Detrola, a new watch collection from
Shinola, brings to
the table what the
world needs a little more of these
Fun. It's for the ones who live freely,
laugh often
and eat dessert first.
These watches strike the perfect
balance between strength and style—
with durable TR90 resin,
a stainless steel core and
a laid-back
attitude. Each watch adds its own
personality to the mix. Many styles are
produced in
extremely limited numbers
and may not be
around for long.

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watches are fun again.

TR90 Resin

TR90 is a high-grade resin known for its many useful qualities.
Think lightweight, durable, resilient. The material displays
color vibrantly but can clearly show the Detroit-built
movement inside when left transparent.

Close-up of the No.2 Detrola watch with an orange dial and black face
Close-up of the Daily Wear Detrola watch with a clear/see-through resin back

work hard. play harder.

Argonite 705

The watches in the Detrola collection
feature the Argonite
705 movement.
This high-accuracy quartz movement,
which is hand-assembled in Detroit
with Swiss and other
imported parts,
drives the hours, minutes, seconds and
calendar aperture function with

a serious watch for fun people.

K1 Crystal

The Detrola watch case is fitted with
K1 crystal. It's
classified as the
hardest, most durable mineral crystal
with scratch resistance.

Black-and-white close-up of the Model D Detrola watch
Close-up of the Islander Detrola watch-strap

don't just wear detrola.
live detrola.


Silicone straps are lightweight, soft
and flexible, making
them comfortable
on the wrist. Quick release makes the
straps easy to change, so Detrola can
keep up with all
your looks.

The New Kid
On The Block

The packaging for Detrola is as
unique and fun as the style it
Highly collectible. Long
skinny box. Foam insert for protection.
illustrations on the foam and the
box sleeve are a fun nod to the watch
inside—and let's face it, they're also
just nice to look at.

Collage of 3 images:  first image is two women, standing close to each other, outside and looking at the camera with old-school ice-cream signage in the background.  second image is a close-up of a man smiling giving two 'peace' signs with his fingers.  Third image is of a woman standing outside, wearing sunglasses, gold hoop earings and smiling.

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