The Bixby Collection

  1. The Bixby 29x34mm
  2. The Diamond Dial Bixby 29x34mm
  3. The Bixby 29x34mm
  4. The Bixby 29x34mm
  5. The Bixby 29x34mm
  6. The Medium Bixby Basket Bag
  7. The Large Bixby Basket Bag
  8. The Large Bixby Basket Bag

The Shinola Bixby Collection

You have enough to worry about every day, and your accessories shouldn’t be included. Your bag or watch should act as the perfect sidekick through all of your daily errands, and on a night out. 

Our Bixby collection features beautiful Vachetta leather bags that are smooth to the touch and have bold rich tones that can accent any outfit. These bags are made to use as the leather will beautifully patina over time creating an even more elegant accessory as it ages. Our Bixby watches meet at the intersection of architectural lines and soft curves for a statement-making watch perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Function meets fashion flawlessly in the Shinola Bixby collection. 

Don’t wait any longer. Shop our Bixby Collection now and discover your new favorite accessory.

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