The Birdy Collection

  1. Birdy Large Snap Wallet
  2. Birdy Key Fob
  3. Birdy Key Fob
  4. Birdy Small Snap Wallet
  5. Convertible Birdy Bucket Bag
  6. The Birdy 34mm
  7. Birdy Zip Card Case
  8. Birdy Zip Card Case

The Shinola Birdy Collection

Style is more than what you wear, it’s an expression of you. We know this better than anyone. That’s why we’ve created the Birdy timepiece and accessories collection to help you find the perfect watch, bag, or wallet to boost any outfit and your confidence. 

Each item in the Shinola Birdy collection is handcrafted using the highest quality imported parts and assembled right here in Detroit. Every accessory in the Birdy collection can elevate any outfit in any situation. Whether you’re at work or need a flashy night out, Shinola has you covered.

Don’t wait any longer. Shop our Birdy Collection now and discover your new favorite accessory. 

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