Stunning Rings for Women

Rings may be a petite statement, but they can carry some of the greatest stories and significance. Many symbolize their life-long promises with a ring because it has no beginning and no end. Just eternity. Our sterling silver rings and 14k gold rings are simple yet elegant bands that can contain some of the tenderest and sweetest feelings. We designed our rings for women to combine style and sentiment. 

If you’re looking for gold rings or sterling silver rings with significance, a signet ring might be what you want. Signet rings are based on an ancient form of jewelry that was used as a signature. Today, you might not seal envelopes with your ring, but it can still be used as part of your signature style. With choices like opal and petoskey stone and turquoise, you can find a signet ring that matches you. 

Women’s rings can be both simple and elegant. Our dome rings come in gold and silver but also 14K rose gold, an elegant and unique option. They’re simple and will match any style and any mood, with a unique shape. Whether you want lug rings, stacking rings, or a flat band, we’ve compiled a collection of beautiful promises ready for your fingers. 

Explore our rings for women and what speaks to you. 


22 Items

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  1. Flat Wedding Band
    Flat Wedding Band 14k Gold


    Starting at
  2. Flat Wedding Band
    Flat Wedding Band Sterling Silver


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  3. Half Round Wedding Band
    Half Round Wedding Band 14k Gold


    Starting at
  4. Half Round Wedding Band
    Half Round Wedding Band Sterling Silver


    Starting at

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