Petoskey Stone Bead Charm

14k Gold
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Oval Hinge Charm Clasp
Oval Hinge Clasp w/ Diamond Pave
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Small Curb Link 18" Chain
Medium Rolo Link 18" Chain
Large Oval Link 18" Chain
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Named for the Ottowan Chief Pet-o-Sega, Petoskey stones feature beautiful six-sided “sunray” patterns. These Stones of the Rising Sun are native to northern Michigan, and are the calcified remnants of ancient coral reefs. 


Crafted from a polished Petoskey stone, this lovely bead charm is a unique ode to a one-of-a-kind place. Pair it with a signature chain necklace, and use an Oval Hinge Clasp to wear your charms as a duo or trio. 


Note: Petoskey stone can vary in pattern and color. No two are the same. Small and medium sizes. 


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SKU 20251634-sdt-001378836
Color 14k Gold
Dimensions 0.25" H x 0.25" W x 0.25" D

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