Best Sellers

  1. Petoskey Stone Beaded Bracelet
  2. Heart In Heart Necklace
  3. Diamond Oval Locket Necklace
  4. The Canfield Sport 40mm
  5. The Birdy Moon Phase 34mm
  6. 24mm Runwell Watch Pendant Necklace
  7. The Runwell 41mm
  8. Leather Wrapped Flask


Shinola best sellers for women make the perfect gifts for yourself or a special someone in your life. You already know whatever you choose is sure to please as a crowd favorite.

Our collection of best sellers includes watches, bags, totes, and more to help you find the accessory that inspires your style and emboldens your confidence. With an array of leathers, designs, shades, and patterns in signature Shinola details, you can outfit your every day with products that speak uniquely to you. Our best women’s products tell their own story while contributing to yours.

All of Shinola’s best sellers for women are built to be well lived in, well-loved, and worn out. Add your favorites to your collection today.

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