Silicone & Rubber Straps

  1. 20mm Orange Rubber Strap
  2. 24mm Orange Rubber Strap
  3. 20mm Black Rubber Strap
  4. 20mm Black Rubber Strap
  5. 20mm Midnight Blue Rubber Strap
  6. 22mm Black Expandable Dive Rubber Strap
  7. 22mm Black Silicone Strap
  8. 22mm Black Silicone Strap (Extra Long)

Silicone & Rubber Straps For Daily Wear

Soft and flexible, Shinola’s silicone and rubber straps for watches are easy to wear and offer a comfortable, everyday fit. Whether you’re going from the office to the gym or your office is in the great outdoors, rubber and silicone straps can withstand sweat, rain, mud, and the elements much better than your average watch strap. Easily cleanable with just water and a soft cloth, nothing can hold you back from wearing your favorite watch anywhere with these rugged straps.

But what makes these watch bands the perfect straps for your timepieces? Silicone and rubber straps are known for their comfortable feel against skin, accurate fit to wrists, and durability against inevitable everyday wear and tear. Often accompanying dive watches, silicone and rubber straps can keep your watch secure both above and below water. So if your every day is consistently filled with on-the-go tasks and an active lifestyle, then a silicone or rubber watch strap is for you.

Choose from a wide spectrum of color choices including blues, pinks, oranges, soft yellow, black, crimson, and gray. Pick your favorite color, a longer or shorter strap length, and the lug size that matches your watch including 10mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm sizing options. Because most of our silicone and rubber straps feature a quick-release mechanism, you’re set for a no-hassle, easy watch band change out whenever you feel like switching up your strap style. Compatible with more than 20 different Shinola watches, you can mix and match your favorite watch faces with the appropriate watch rubber strap of the day – both activity and outfit-wise. 

Shop Shinola silicone and rubber straps for everyday wear that not only complements your favorite watch style but ensures a comfortable fit for whatever life throws at you.

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