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January 15, 2021

Three Little Words

January 15, 2021

If you're looking for the right words, you're in the right place.

Those three little words: I love you. Everybody knows them. Everybody uses them. Sometimes, that's just the problem. They're the most universal three little words. But not always the most original. 


Luckily, the Shinola family is full of hopeless romatics in addition to brilliant minds and craftsfolk. These are their three little words.


"I'm so lucky," proffers Madelyn O., designer and lucky-in-love illustrator. Honorable mentions included: "I'll walk Moose*," (*one of many Shinola Family pets) "I made breakfast," and "let's stay in." 


"I got coffee" makes art director Michelle P. swoon. The creative department unanimously agrees.


For Lauren G. of the merchandising team and her British beau, that's "I made tea." She adds, "You're right, honey," as an international favorite. 


"You are worthy," were three lovely words from training supervisor Tracy T.


"Fly with me," says Janet L. of the Shaker Heights Shinola store, smoother than Sinatra himself.


"Trust the universe" is a powerful three-little-word mantra courtesy of Rebecca D., our AE in NYC.


"I see you" and "I hear you" top product development manager Melissa V.'s list, along with a crash course of three little words essential in any relationship: "I am wrong, I respect you, I am sorry, I will listen, I will try," and "Feelings are valid." 


"Get home safe" melts PR specialist Kelsey H.'s heart.


"I appreciate you," are Lane K.'s favorite, and materials manager Antonio R. uses the three little words "Appreciate the moment," as a daily reminder.


Brimming with encouragement, Anthony A. suggests "This is you, you're the best," and "Great idea, dear."


"Today, Tomorrow, Forever" are the three little words Emily T. and her family use. Our copywriting staff is taking notes.


Signing off with our three little words: Love from Detroit.


The Shinola Family


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