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March 30, 2016


Inside The Canfield: How This Watch is Built

The Canfield 38mm (pictured above)

March 30, 2016

The Canfield is a watch unlike any other we've built before. With a stunning open viewing area that showcases more of the dial area than any of our previous watches, this look represents a new era of imagination and industry in Detroit. For this collection, our teams were trained in a top loading process entirely new to our factory. To get a glimpse at some of the new process in action, check out the photos below. 

All Shinola watches are built in the U.S. with Swiss and other imported parts.

First, every watch's movement gets tested and attached to the dial.

Then, the red gasket is checked to be in place and everything including the sapphire crystal is cleaned thoroughly. Lakisha Andrews is pictured working on this step.

The watch is placed on a casing cushion for support and the hands are checked for alignment.

The top bezel is carefully aligned to match up with the red gasket.

Once lined up, the watch head is placed on a press and a hand lever is pulled down to secure the bezel to the case frame. At this stage, the watch frame is completely sealed.  

After the watch case is rigorously inspected again, The Canfield gets fitted with a leather strap that's been sewn in the U.S. with American leather.

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