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May 16, 2017


#TravelWithShinola to Mexico City

Photographs by John Philp Thompson

May 16, 2017

We sent Chicago-based photographer (and self-described risk-taker) John Philp Thompson a few of our favorite men's products to outfit his weekend trip to Mexico City, in exchange for a few style tips and travel tricks. His essential: Shinola's Large Carryall, the bag versatile enough for just about any adventure. "It’s the perfect bag for a weekend getaway," John says. "It’s large enough for a few changes of clothes and light enough to carry-on the plane." Viva el fin de semana!

Check out the rest of John's photos from Mexico City below and don't forget to tag your own Instagram travel photos with #TravelWithShinola to be featured on our blog next. 

"Mexico City is a bold, loud and vast city, but peeking into the alleyways and little nooks of the city I found a calm and still colorful layer of the city," John says. 

"There’s such an eclectic mix of architecture throughout Mexico City that mirrors the history. Colonialism, Neoclassicism and the native pre-Columbian era all play a roll in the city's diverse architecture." 

"The Large Carryall is so good-looking and well-made," John says. "I could tell a few people were eyeing it in the airport." 

John wears the Runwell Chrono 41mm and uses a Shinola luggage ID with the Large Carryall. (pictured above)

"The Chapultepec Botanical Garden was under renovation, and I sat observing the gardener carefully transplanting each cactus by hand into it’s new home," he says. 

Right: "Even though Mexico City is one of the most densely populated cities, there always seems to be a bit of nature creeping in, and moments to reflect in the crazy city." 

Shinola's Large CarryallLuggage ID and Runwell Chrono 41mm. (pictured above)

"Mexico’s food offerings are as traditional as they are processed, but always endless and colorful," John says.


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