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October 22, 2015




October 22, 2015

Exclusive photos from Flower House Detroit – an abandoned house reborn as a floral installation for a single weekend.

The idea was simple: fill a vacant house with flowers and invite the public to stop in and wonder at the roses, lilies, and marigolds that adorned the walls.

The project, the brainchild of Lisa Waud, ignited widespread inspiration in other artists. Floral collaborators from around the country came to arrange, grow and curate rooms of the abandoned house with thousands of American-grown flowers and living plants. Their mission was to show respect for the city’s history through the repurposing of one forgotten home and enrich the lives of the community through the beauty of public art.

Below are exclusive photos from inside the blooming abode, which has since been responsibly deconstructed by ReClaim Detroit to make way for a flower farm. Photos are posted with permission of Pot & Box and the Detroit Flower House.

Photos taken by Ali Lapetina

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