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October 26, 2015


One of Many: It Was Written But Never Told

Airea D. Matthews

October 26, 2015

One of Many is a monthly series of photo essays produced by our friend Wesley Verhoeve. The project features a different American city each month, telling the stories of makers and creative communities in twelve cities total. The hope is that these stories will inspire readers to become a part of the independent creative movement that is reshaping our economy and culture.

 View an excerpt from Wesley's photo essay on Detroit below, or visit to see more of his work. 


Featured above, Airea D. Matthews is a writer, poet, and the assistant director of the Helen Zell Writers’ Program at University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. Her poems have won awards and hearts, and have been published in dozens of publications. Airea has performed her work at the Cannes Lions Festival, PBS’ RoadTrip Nation and on NPR. This mother of four is also the executive editor of The Offing, an online literary magazine publishing creative writing across genres and media.

Satori Shakoor is a writer, actor and comedienne. And really, Satori is a storyteller, in all the ways she pleases, and especially as a mainstage storyteller for The Moth, and as executive director of The Society for the Re-Institutionalization of Storytelling. Performing is in her blood, and during our conversation I was exposed to different facets of roles played. At times, I saw a strong soul with firm opinions and a willingness to fight for them. The next moment, the conversation seamlessly segued to a gentle, endearing, and inquisitive kindness. Having a conversation with a dynamic performer of Satori’s ilk and experience was both invigorating and rattling. Like a storm passed through, leaving only inspiring thoughts as debris. I’m still picking up the pieces.

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