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  • Introducing Our Newest Pet Project

    Introducing Our Newest Pet Project

    Products, Pet

    Introducing Shinola pet, a collaboration with photographer and animal lover, Bruce Weber. The collection is a line of American-made pet accessories—including leashes, collars, beds, and toys—that were designed and developed together with Bruce Weber. In addition, Bruce Weber’s photography will be featured on a variety of limited edition post cards and notebooks, celebrating the connection between people and their pets and the thoughtfulness and passion that goes into every image and every product.
  • Our Collaboration With Kletterwerks

    Our Collaboration With Kletterwerks

    Products, Supply

    Kletterwerks was founded in 1975 by Dana Gleason and a few friends who determined that the gear available at the time was insufficient for serious Rocky Mountain climbing and skiing. With a focus on functionality and durability, their first four bags—the Flip, Day, Rock and Terraplane—would quickly become legendary in the climbing world.
  • Introducing The Great Americans Series

    Introducing The Great Americans Series

    Products, Watches

    Introducing The Wright Brothers™ Limited Edition watch, created to honor the Wrights’ incredible contribution to America’s history of innovation and industry. This handcrafted timepiece is the first watch in the Great Americans Series— a collection of limited edition men's watches and women's watches created to honor iconic American innovators and industrial pioneers. It’s a very special kind of American-made celebration of those who helped make our country great.
  • Introducing The Runwell Chronograph

    Introducing The Runwell Chronograph

    Products, Watches

    Created two centuries ago at the behest of royalty, the chronograph was a watchmaking innovation. The Runwell Chronograph is a Detroit watchmaking evolution.

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