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April 28, 2016


Gifts for Mother's Day with Valleybrink Road in our Silver Lake store


April 28, 2016

Barrett Prendergast, owner of Valleybrink Road, transformed her life by creating a career for herself that incorporates all of her favorite things. As one of LA’s premiere boutique catering companies that also makes luxury gift boxes and stunning flower bouquets, we couldn't think of a better partner for a Mother's Day themed pop-up shop in our Silverlake store. Barrett sat down with us to share her inspirations, success story, and great parenting advice.

Join us this Sunday, May 1 at our Silverlake store (3515 Sunset Blvd) from 12-3 p.m. Please RSVP at Barrett will be there offering two gift box options: a fully curated box from Valleybrink Road and a partially curated gift box with two Shinola items. Stop into the store to meet her and go home with a gift for mom! 

One of the gift box options.

What kind of gift boxes will you be offering in our Silver Lake store this Saturday?

We're doing a combination box of some products and food items for mom. There will be a cardamom rose tea from a company called Leaf and Ardor, and then we're also going to have some lavender tea cookies to go with that. Then, a lotion from one of my favorite places, Los Poblanos. It's an organic lavender farm that's in New Mexico. We’ll also have this amazing body balm that I just discovered by Maya Chia, and a few other things.

Someone can buy the already curated box or we'll also be able to incorporate some Shinola products into the boxes. It will be fun to let the customer come into the space and pick and choose from the beautiful Shinola products to incorporate in the gift boxes.

A beautiful tablescape Barrett created for a Cinco De Mayo themed party.

Transitioning from the fashion world, how did you build up your Valleybrink Road business to be one of the premiere boutique catering and gifting companies in LA?

It was really all about making the decision that I was going to change careers and do something that I was already spending all of my free time doing anyway. I was at a crossroads and starting to think about what I really enjoyed. I kept coming back to food, cooking, recipes, entertaining, and creating these evenings for people and making something that's beautiful. So that's where the idea to start exploring what I could do with food began and I decided to really go for it.

I worked at a restaurant, I worked for catering companies, and then I started my blog and just from there everything grew into Valleybrink Road. Everything I was doing was cooking and going to the farmer’s market and having people over. That's where I was really getting a lot of joy in my life from, so I just took that chance to try and figure out a way to make it a viable business. I'm very, very thankful.

Barrett's black apricot and watermelon salad.

How did you start being known for your gift boxes?

I didn't set out to start a gift component of the company, it's just there was a demand. Then the flowers came from there because people saw the flowers in the gift boxes and then they started wanting flowers on their own. We launched flowers actually this year as their own separate entity that people can just buy their own flowers if they want.

What is your best advice for other moms? 

My son Costa is 18 months old and my best advice would be don't beat yourself up too much. I have a lot of friends who are in the same position that I am and we work a lot and we own our own companies and we're trying to build something. It's very easy to sometimes get sucked into comparing yourself to other moms. I really think that I'm trying to set an amazing example for Costa by being creative and working hard and building something. The time we spend together I really try and make sure that I am very present and there, and really make that time count.

What is one of the hardest things you are working through as a small business owner who's growing fast?

Business-wise I would think it's just trying to scale a business and trying to grow in a thoughtful way while still maintaining the quality and the beauty of what we're making. I take a lot of pride in making every single thing that I make for people. I think it's just the trials and tribulations of passing off some responsibilities to other people that come to work for you and making sure they believe in your brand. I can't do everything forever. I can't make every box or every flower arrangement, so I think that's something that I struggle with that I'm really working on is finding amazing people to help me grow and that believe in Valleybrink Road and care about it in the same way that I do.  

We hope to see you Sunday in our Silverlake store (3515 Sunset Blvd) from 12-3 p.m.!

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