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January 19, 2016


Watch a 21st Century Maker in action at our London Store

Video By Jocks&Nerds Photographs By Izzy Pullen

January 19, 2016

Working from his north London studio and workshop, New Zealand-born Phil Cuttance specializes in creating handcrafted resin pots and vases with striking pixelated surfaces. Cuttance came into our London store for a pop-up shop and created vases for our Community of Craft series. In this film by Jocks&Nerds, he talks about the inspiration behind creating bespoke pieces, as well as his old school approach to making.

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View the film above and read what Cuttance had to say below. 

Phil Cuttance. 

What does it mean to you to be a 21st century craftsman?

I'm not sure if I'm a craftsman in the pure sense of the word, as I haven't really mastered a craft, but I am definitely a maker. I've been making Faceture pieces for 3 years now, so I'm pretty good at that making process. It's a good time to be a maker I think — materials and processes have never been more accessible, and using the internet and postal services you can make things in small batches locally, and sell them globally. It's a great time to experiment, and find people who appreciate you work wherever they may be.

Phil Cuttance working inside our London store.

You incorporate geometric shapes and simple lines into your works, beyond that how would you describe your artistic style?

I like simple, strong forms. It's only recently occurred to me that I always seem to work in one material and shy away from incorporating several materials in my work. I work in a 'form follows process' way, so a lot of the shapes I create are dictated by how the are made, the mould they come out of, or are formed by the processes accessible to me in my limited workshop. I do wonder if I am afraid of curves though!

Geometric, symmetrical shapes are emphasized in all of Phil's work.

What was it like working in the Shinola pop-up and being part of the Community of Craft series?

It also forced me to slightly re-think my Faceture vase shapes, and to take advantage of the pop-up set-up in Shinola's London store. The Faceture machine on which I normally make vases was In Korea at a craft fair, so I made a smaller, simpler casting jig for the pop-up. There was lots of foot traffic and passers by who seemed intrigued by the process. 

Come visit us in our new London location in Soho at 28 Foubert's Place.


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