The Runwell Clock

Matte White
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  • Case Zinc case and aluminum dial and hands
  • Movement Continuous sweep quartz movement
  • Battery Includes USA made AA Cell battery
  • Size 14"
  • Weight 11 lbs.
  • Color Matte White
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This 14" Runwell Wall Clock draws from the signature details of our flagship timepiece: a clean, matte white dial, raised Arabic indices in black and lume-filled hands all wrapped up in a durable, matte black powder coat casing. Like many Shinola watches, the Runwell Wall Clock is built in the United States with U.S. and imported parts and features an iconic caseback plate with an individualized serial number. Hang the Runwell Wall Clock, or shop the clock stand here.

Charge the clock’s lume with exposure to light to see it glow in dark conditions.

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Color Matte White

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