The Pocket Drawstring Backpack

Natural Grain Leather
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A chic spin on your typical drawstring bag, the Pocket Drawstring Backpack makes adding timeless design to your wardrobe a cinch. Relaxed and easygoing, the soft and slouchy Natural Grain leather is complemented with leather cord straps so you can wear it with anything. 




Adjustable drawstring
Large open compartment
Two exterior slide pockets
12.75" H x 12" W x 4" D
Bag Capacity 10 L
1.65 lbs

Leather Care

Natural Grain Leather

For everyday care:
Use a dry, clean, and soft cloth to dust or remove debris from surface. Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight. Color transfer may occur due to friction against clothing and other surfaces. If leather becomes wet, blot with a dry, clean and soft cloth to remove standing water, and then air dry. Note that leather is susceptible to water damage/stains.

To spot clean:
Use a soft, dampened cloth to gently clean the surface using a light circular motion. Do not scrub or rub in one spot for an extended period of time or apply too much pressure when cleaning as this may damage and discolor the leather. Allow leather to air dry; never apply heat to leather. Note that some stains may not come clean from the surface of semi-aniline and aniline leathers.

Annual Cleaning and Conditioning for longevity:
Prior to conditioning, follow instructions for everyday care and spot cleaning to ensure surface is free of dirt and debris. Use a leather cream, such as Chamberlain's Leather Milk Formula No. 1, annually or as needed to condition the leather item and prolong life. Using a clean cloth or soft sponge, apply a small amount of conditioner to the leather surface in a light circular motion. Spot conditioning may cause uneven color as leather conditioners may darken leather. For best use, follow conditioning product instructions. Over conditioning may leave undesired residue on leather surface.
Always test all creams and balms in a hidden area first as leather will darken.

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Natural Grain Leather

This premium European leather is soft to the touch but full of body with a natural grain variation. 

This leather may patina and change color through natural exposure to sunlight and other elements, adding to its character. As naked, untreated leather, it's susceptible to water damage, stains, and color transfer to and from other surfaces. 

Each piece of Natural Grain leather tells its own story through a display of natural markings, including wrinkles and natural, tumbled pebble variation. The color of the leather may also vary slightly from batch to batch, which means that no two products are alike, making your piece unique to you.


Lighten The Load

With its large open compartment, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the necessities (or extras) behind. The leather cord strap elevates the look while adding more ease to your routine. Two exterior slide pockets provide quick access to small items when on the go.



Get drawn into the beauty of the Drawstring Pocket Backpack. The pieces in the Natural Grain Shinola leather collection combine unique silhouettes with timeless function. Like our parents’ and grandparents’ vintage bags and purses, Shinola leather is made to stand the test of time in style and substance.



The raw brass hardware will wear in with character over time, just like the leather.

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