Uncorking our new DTLA store with Scott Campbell

BY Taylor Rebhan

With the launch of our new Downtown LA Arts District store on the horizon, we’re excited to announce that this store will also be the second location of world famous tattoo artist Scott Campbell’s tattoo shop. To mark this special collaboration, we partnered with Campbell, the artist behind Saved Wines, to produce an exclusive solid brass corkscrew that’s been engraved with the symbolic-style artwork Campbell has become so well-known for. 

Campbell was moved to pursue wine as an alternate artistic medium to express his art by creating Saved Wines — a nod to his tattoo studio SAVED Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the sanctity found by pursuing one’s passion.


SAVED Wines Corkscrew by Scott Campbell

Earlier this year, we hosted tattoo artist Scott Campbell‘s Whole Glory art installation in our store space that was still under construction. Twenty people put their arms through an opening in a white picket fence adorned with Campbell’s artwork, and without meeting face to face, trusted Campbell to give them permanent ink. 

Check out photos from Scott Campbell’s Whole Glory event in the raw space of our DTLA store below. 


People waited in line outside our LA Arts District store. 


This will be our fourth LA store — a 5,000-square-foot space inside the historic Garey Building.


This participant drove from Orange County to take the chance at being chosen. He showed up each day to enter the lottery and on the last day of the event his number was picked.


Campbell tattooed a different design on every recipient. 


Campbell stayed behind the wall for the duration of every tattoo without knowing who was on the other side, which created a sort of palm reading dynamic, he says.


Coincidentally, this participant said his next tattoo was scheduled to be a snake. 


Two participants show off their new tattoos. 


Vogue magazine writer Kristen Stance received a tattoo. Read about her experience, here.


On the last day, everyone who received a tattoo attended a group dinner with Campbell (center). 


View more photos and tattoos from the event, here.

We’ll see you soon in our new Downtown LA store!


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