#TravelWithShinola to Budapest

BY Taylor Rebhan

Koentadi Hadinoto is an adventurer, food stylist and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. In 2014, he started his Instagram account to keep in touch with his family in Indonesia while studying for his Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering degree at The University of Sydney. Today, he has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and uses his photography and creative styling skills to work with brands around the world. 

We teamed up with Koentadi to join in on our #TravelWithShinola series. He chose some Shinola goods to pack on his trip to Budapest and gave us a glimpse of his adventure. Take a look at some of his favorite moments from the trip below and be sure to show us where your Shinola products travel by tagging your photos with #TravelWithShinola.


Koentadi (pictured above) used the Flap Messenger bag for his European adventure. Crafted in Luxe Grain leather, this generously sized bag is designed with multiple interior and exterior pockets to accommodate and organize your essentials. “I chose to wear this bag because it’s perfect for my city adventure and fits my camera along with all my daily essentials.”

Koentadi explored St. Stephen’s Basilica in the morning. “The atmosphere here was very quiet when I visited, and I could appreciate the beauty of Hungarian culture even more,” he says.


The Flap Messenger and The Guardian 41.5mm watch (pictured above)

A trip to Hungary would not be complete without trying a Hungarian pretzel as a snack, Koentadi says.


The Shinola + Geier Glove Company Deerskin Lined Gloves (pictured above) 

Koentadi recommends walking along the Széchenyi Chain Bridge when traveling in Budapest. “Floating ice near the bridge is so breathtaking. I wore the gloves to keep me warm from the -10 degree Celsius weather,” he says.

The Shinola + Geier Gloves are made with deerskin leather and are pile lined to keep your hands warm (and fashionable) in the coldest of temperatures.


“This is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. It’s so iconic,” Koentadi says. “I like to explore a city in early morning. Not only do I get to watch the beautiful sunrise, but I can discover other sides the city has to offer before everyone wakes up.”


The Flap Messenger bag (pictured above)

“This is the Hungarian Parliament Building,” Koentadi says. “I was so speechless when I looked at this view. As you can see from the architecture — it’s one of a kind.”


The Shinola + Geier Glove Company Deerskin Lined Gloves (pictured above)

“I did a quick stop at Corinthia Hotel Budapest, to have some soup to keep me warm,” Koentadi says. “Everything I wore in Budapest was perfect for my style and the colors blended in well with the Hungarian atmosphere.”

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