#TravelWithShinola to Copenhagen

BY Taylor Rebhan

Since quitting her job in Silicon Valley, travel blogger Christine Amarose has bartended on the beaches of the French Riviera, drank coffee in Melbourne, backpacked through Southeast Asia and roadtripped across the United States. Today, she lives in New York City and continues to travel around the globe. “I believe in daring to live the life you dream of living,” she says. On her trip to Copenhagen for her birthday earlier this month, we sent her a Medium Shopper Tote for the adventure. View photos from her first time visiting the city below. 


The Medium Shopper Tote (pictured above in bourbon)

“To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by the view from the top of the Round Tower—Copenhagen doesn’t have a ton of tall or very iconic buildings, but I think most of the appeal is the journey up to the top in the gorgeous circular tower,” she says. 


“We unexpectedly stumbled upon the University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden (above), which was such a lovely surprise! I couldn’t believe the spiral staircase in the middle of the greenhouse.”


“The Medium Shopper Tote was my most trusted travel partner on this trip,” Christine says. “I used it every day and it held my camera, souvenirs, and everything else a girl needs to keep close while traveling.”


“A really cool spot for a ton of restaurants and bars was the Meatpacking District: there is also a bit of a street food pop-up on the weekends. We had dinner at Mother, while sitting outside in the sunshine at 9 p.m. and the pizza and people-watching was fantastic.”


Left: “One of the more random things that I like to do in new cities is wander through cemeteries. They’re usually really beautiful and quiet, and sometimes they give interesting insight into a culture,” Christine says. “We took a nice walk through Assistens Cemetery, which was full of hedges and tall trees, making it feel more like a garden and less like a cemetery since you couldn’t see all the tombstones stretched out before you. To make it a bit more of a “cultural” visit, we also saw Hans Christen Andersen’s grave.”

Right: A glimpse inside a restaurant near Tivoli Gardens.


“We walked over to Copenhagen Street Food at Paper Island. It’s a food market on the water—super similar to Smoragasburg in Brooklyn—and it’s packed full of tourists,” Christine says. “It had great vibes and so many options for delicious food! The best part is probably the little gin and tonic bar. We opted for gin and tonics infused with rhubarb that tasted just like summer.” 


The Medium Shopper Tote (pictured above)

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