The Release Of Detrola: A Watch Collection By Shinola

BY Taylor Rebhan

A perfect pick-me-up gift for a friend, family member—or even yourself, every Detrola watch offers vibrant colors and fun details. 

The collection, while new, may give off a familiar feel—and there’s a reason. 

“Early on we were exploring different options and settled on reinforcing the Runwell, making it more about the color and material and keeping the iconic nature of the flagship,” said Shinola Senior Watch Designer Molly W. “From there, it was about focusing on how to make it rich and as high quality as all of our other products.”

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There is one other aspect of the collection that may ring a bell: the name. Detrola was a Detroit brand that existed in the 1930s and 40s known for manufacturing radios and cameras. 

“It’s a brand we’ve known about for a long time as one that used to exist in Detroit that’s not automotive. We’ve had Detrola cameras sitting on our desks from day one,” said Shinola Watch Design Director Greg V.

The former brand inspired some of the colors and materials used in Shinola’s new watch collection.

Each Detrola features a durable TR90 resin case, a strong stainless steel core and a comfortable silicone strap. TR90 is a popular material for the manufacturing of eyewear, but with Detrola, the team pushed the material in new ways—and one of the added benefits was its colorability. 

“TR90 resin checks all the boxes. It was the highest quality material we could find that would still allow for such vibrant color,” said Greg.

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While there are a lot of features that stand out with the Detrola collection, quality was still the number one driving force behind the manufacturing of this watch. Every Detrola, as with all the other Shinola watches, is fully serviceable and something you can expect to enjoy for a very, very long time. 

“Underneath all of that color is a really classic watch with quality materials,” said Greg. 

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