The Father’s Day Gift Guide That’s Actually Fun & Accurate

BY Taylor Rebhan

You want to make sure you find a gift that not only fits his style but also won’t sit in the closet gathering dust like that thing you got him last year. To help you on your quest for the best Father’s Day gift for your old man, we’ve provided a fun take on the traditional gift guide. Match your dad with the phrase you’ll most likely hear him say and shop our curated selection of products. 


He was made for that corporate life—big presentations, office politics and hard negotiations. Your dad likes to complain about work, but it’s obvious he thrives under the pressure. Sometimes you wonder if he’ll ever retire. After all, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Shop The Look:

1. Bedrock Brief, Navigator Leather
$995 ITEM: 20141484
Monogramming available

2. Tech Portfolio
$395 ITEM: 20100180
Monogramming available

3. Runwell Automatic 45mm
$1,095 ITEM: 20141492

4. Guardian Belt Set
$295 ITEM: 20166836


Your dad is always looking for the next new exciting place to visit. He believes traveling the world is the best investment you could ever make—and you certainly don’t mind all the eclectic souvenirs he brings you. 

Shop The Look: 

1. Zip Travel Kit
$225 ITEM: 20107297

2. Luggage ID
$75 ITEM: 20135662
Monogramming available

3. Passport Holder
$150 ITEM: 10009544
Monogramming available

4. Tech Portfolio
$395 ITEM: 20100180
Monogramming available

5. Travel Watch Case
$250 ITEM: 20166835

6. Canfield Chrono 43mm
$900 ITEM: 20141498


His happy place is the court or the field and he always seems to be on the move. Athletic to the core, your dad is a true team player.

Shop The Look:

1. Canfield Sport 45mm Gift Set
$900 ITEM: 20141499

Canfield Sport 45mm Gift Set
$950 ITEM: 20089892

2. Slim Bifold 2.0
$195 ITEM: 20110931
Monogramming available

3. Slim Messenger 
$695 ITEM: 20135676
Monogramming available


Whether it’s a piece of much-needed advice or an incredibly thoughtful birthday card, your dad is committed to making sure everything he does is meaningful. He’s the kind of guy everyone calls for guidance and support. 

Shop The Look:

1.Vinton 38mm
$550 ITEM: 20141278
Engraving available

2. Guardian Cufflinks
$250 ITEM: 20148229
Engraving available

3. Classic Money Clip
$175 ITEM: 20148238
Engraving available

4. Slim Bifold 2.0
$195 ITEM: 20110931
Monogramming available

5. Five Pocket Card Case
$125 ITEM: 20110930
Monogramming available


Your dad is everyone’s best friend and the absolute life of the party. He’s an ice cream before dinner, lets you play hooky to enjoy a baseball game on a nice day kind of dad. You can likely catch him working on his bike in the garage or taking on another home project in his free time.

Shop The Look:

1. 14″ Runwell Wall Clock
$450 ITEM: 20139728

2. 5-Port Power Supply + Dual USB-A
$185 ITEM: 20023232

3. 2-Port Power Supply + Dual USB-A
$145 ITEM: 20023231

4. Runwell Automatic 45mm
$1,095 ITEM: 20141491

5. Lake Michigan Monster Automatic 43mm
$1,250 ITEM: 20097179


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