Golden Bear: Making Jackets that get better with age

It was the early 1950s in San Francisco when Schirley Zisman’s father began working for Golden Bear, a premier leather and wool outerwear manufacturer that was finding success in making durable jackets as a response to the city’s booming post-war shipping industry. Schirley runs the company now and has worked here since 1972. The incredible […]

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Meet the Maker: Mandy Kordal

Three years ago, Brooklyn-based designer Mandy Kordal of Kordal Knitwear, was making her entire collection by hand. Today, she meets growing demand by partnering with a small circle of skilled knitters, helping to keep this trade alive. Since partnering with Mandy last year, we’ve created several hand-knit products together, and have watched this inspiring entrepreneur’s […]

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Limited Edition Skateboard Decks By Natas Kaupas

California’s skateboarding culture exploded in the 1980s as surfers who were used to riding waves sought out more adventurous moves on planks of wood with wheels. Their haven was Venice Beach, nicknamed Dogtown, where Hall of Fame skateboarder Natas Kaupas was born and raised, and still lives today. As the inventor of daredevilish moves like […]

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Meet the Maker: Graphic Image

Mystery still shrouds the origins of the piggy bank. According to one legend, during the Middle Ages, people would store or hide their coins in jars made out of an inexpensive clay called “pygg.” They called these jars “pygg pots” and eventually “pygg banks.” By the 18th century, the general public long forgot that “pygg” […]

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Meet the Maker: Zieba Knives

When Michael Zieba was 11 years old, he found himself lusting after a pair of Adidas — decidedly different footwear from the more practical shoes his parents had been eyeing for the upcoming school year. So, Michael’s father encouraged him to work at his furniture factory to help him earn spending money. At first, Michael […]

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5 Favorites In the Shinola + Leatherman multi-tool

We were inspired by the adventurer’s way of life: taking risks, seeking beauty, and always being prepared for whatever is thrown your way. In this spirit, we partnered with Leatherman to produce a uniquely designed multi-tool. We started with Leatherman’s most popular design, the Charge AL, which combines all their most popular tools. Exclusive details were added, […]

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