Say Nice Things About Detroit: The Story of Emily T Gail

Emily T Gail might not have a Detroit address anymore, but she’s arguably more of a Detroiter than most. The creator of the famous 1970s movement “Say Nice Things About Detroit,” — and the inspiration for our newest watch — now lives more than 4,000 miles away in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Distance has not stopped her […]

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Her Story: Meet four leading ladies who changed history

Detroit’s narrative has long been defined by the mavericks who have forged a unique path with unwavering grit and spirit. This Women’s History Month, we’re honored to shine a light on the fearless female leaders from Detroit’s past. These four women have helped shape the city’s history.  Lady of the Law – Cora Mae Brown […]

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#LoveMyCity London with Garconjon

Jonathan Daniel Price, better known as Garconjon, is a London-based photographer specializing in fashion and street photography. In 2014, he launched a project we connected closely with called Man/Men: Manufacturing Menswear, a journal of British craftsmanship that profiles the industry leaders behind British manufacturing and high quality menswear still being produced in the UK. We […]

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Meet the Maker: VPI Industries

To engineer The Runwell Turntable, Shinola partnered with VPI Industries, the premier American maker of turntables. The family-owned and operated company was founded almost 40 years ago in the basement of Harry and Sheila Weisfeld. The young couple didn’t intend to revolutionize turntable industry—the music made them do it. As the story goes, Harry, a […]

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Meet the Maker: Graphic Image

Mystery still shrouds the origins of the piggy bank. According to one legend, during the Middle Ages, people would store or hide their coins in jars made out of an inexpensive clay called “pygg.” They called these jars “pygg pots” and eventually “pygg banks.” By the 18th century, the general public long forgot that “pygg” […]

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