The Special Edition Bolt is Black Collection

BY Taylor Rebhan

Black Friday has become as synonymous with Thanksgiving as turkey and pumpkin pie. While most brands offer deep discounts on this day, we offer products that are built to last a lifetime. For the first time ever, we have created a collection in a color that is versatile, chic, and never goes out of style – black. The Special Edition Bolt is Black Collection includes an all black Runwell Watch, Runwell Turntable and GE + Shinola Electric products to stand out from the crowd. 

Shop the Special Edition Bolt is Black Collection in our monochromatic lookbook below. 


Runwell Backpack – A canvas-lined premium leather bag that only gets better with wear. 

All Black Runwell Watch – Ford once said, “You can have a car in any color your like, as long as it’s black.”


All Black Runwell Watch – The Runwell design was inspired by classic school clocks. 


The Special Edition All Black Runwell Turntable – Made in a palette Johnny Cash would approve of. 


Mini Zip Backpack – This design is wide at the bottom to store everything you need in a slim fit against your back. Goes well with, well, black.  

Shinola Candle – We made our candle in two distinct scents; the Canfield features just the right notes of smoke, leather and shoe polish, while Tribeca boasts gardenia, chestnut, and the most pleasant aspects of wet cement. Hand poured in Brooklyn, NY. 

The Special Edition All Black Runwell Turntable


Shinola + GE Electric Cord – Built in western Michigan at Byrne Electric. 

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Shinola + Zippo Lighter – This Zippo lighter fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Designed in collaboration with the 75+ year-old Pennsylvania brand. 

 Stella wears a black Runwell Watch, while listening to Miles Davis in Detroit’s Corktown. Miles Davis was known in the jazz world as the Prince Of Darkness.


Runwell Watch

 The Special Edition All Black Runwell Turntable – Each turntable is designed to stand out in any home, office, and of course, goes with everything. 

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All Black Runwell Watch – This special All Black Runwell comes with a set of interchangeable straps, all in different shades of black. 


The Special Edition All Black Turntable


12 Month Runwell Planner / Slim Bifold Wallet


All Black Runwell Watch – Don’t forget you can switch out your straps with the Willard Program.

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All Black Runwell Watch – Shown here with a nylon strap, cut and sewn in our Detroit factory. 

Runwell Backpack – Comfortable to fit a 15″ computer and your everyday items. 


The Special Edition All Black Runwell Turntable

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Runwell Backpack / Shinola + Benchmade Titanium 765 Pocket Knife



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