Signal-Return & The Shinola Bike Tour

BY Taylor Rebhan

There’s something supremely satisfying about a letterpress shop—opening the drawers of lead type, applying ink to the press, manually cranking the paper—the whole deal is just so tactile and hands-on. Right up our alley. 

Which is probably why we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Signal-Return here in Detroit on a letterpress poster to support our Bike Tour, which is currently zig-zagging across the country. We just passed through Chicago, and we’re on our way to Austin, Los Angeles, Boulder, and Aspen (and beyond).

We’re taking our bikes throughout the country this summer to show what we’ve been making and to give anyone who’s interested an opportunity to take one for a test ride. We’ll also have a handful of our watches available for preview, and all the Shinola Cola you can drink.

But back to the posters. We had the pleasure of lingering in the Signal-Return studio while they set up the plates, inked the printer, and cranked away, so we managed to get a few nice photos.







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