Recipes to Savor Every Last Bit of Summer

BY Taylor Rebhan

Chef Marc Bogoff started Stockyard as a monthly supper club out of a friend’s loft. As the intimate dinners grew in popularity, so did Stockyard. One food truck and three years later, Marc has built a business catering special dinners and parking his food truck at some of Detroit’s most beautiful locations like Old Michigan Theatre, Piquette Plant and Belle Isle, to name a few. We asked him to give us a few summer staple recipes that are sure to impress at our next barbecue. 

Chef Marc wears The Rambler Tachymeter 44mm in the photos below. His first brick-and-mortar location opens later this year. 

The Stockyard food truck will still run seasonally and serve the sandwiches Marc’s become so well-known for — View the menu, here

“From the beginning, it’s always been a goal in my mind to make this happen and I used the food truck as a platform,” Marc says about his business, Stockyard Detroit. “Having the opportunity to do things outside the box and using all the skills one gains by cooking in strange locations — I’ve learned a lot over the years.” 

Marc has built a name for himself as the go-to traveling pop-up and food truck chef in Detroit, but he’s excited to open a restaurant of his own with local restaurateur Eli Boyer. The new restaurant will open in Ferndale, just a few minutes north of Downtown. The name has not yet been announced. 

“Its going to be a 40-seat restaurant that will be focused on seafood and vegetables,” he says. “We’ll be drawing inspiration from other regions and using seafood as our vessel to create.” 

Follow along below for recipes Marc would serve at an outdoor barbecue. “This is what I would serve friends of mine,” he says. 

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Marc wears the Shinola Rambler Tachymeter 44mm. He sliced radishes, zucchini and other seasonal vegetables for the shaved summer salad. “This a seasonal, fresh, bright, vibrant salad made with different ingredients than just your typical greens with dressing.”




“It’s a fun journey, it’s an exhausting journey, but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he says. “It’s been an exciting adventure diving in as business owners and watching things grow.”


“There’s nothing I love more than bringing friends together for a memorable experience around food,” he says. “The new restaurant’s location feels like a neighborhood spot that’s still connected to the Detroit food scene.”


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“I think seafood is a vessel in general — I love eating it, I love cooking it, I’ve always been drawn to it and knew it was what I wanted to dive into with the first permanent space,” he says. 


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