Quality and Craftsmanship from Pendleton®

BY Taylor Rebhan

The earliest woven wool garments date back thousands upon thousands of years. But there’s so much more to wool than just warmth. And no one knows wool like our friends at Pendleton®.

Established in 1863, the family-owned brand has been weaving world-class woolens in the
Pacific Northwest for nearly 160 years. Threaded throughout the six generations of family
ownership and operation is a uniquely American heritage.

The instantly recognizable designs are
part and parcel of the iconography of
Americana. They are oft imitated but
never replicated, due to Pendleton’s
commitment to authenticity
and craftsmanship. The competition simply
pales in comparison, overshadowed by
the sheer skill and legacy of these
masters of wool.

So, what is an authentic Pendleton really made of?


It all begins with raw wool. Pendleton buyers scour the market for variety, quality, and quantity
demanded by the fine standards of the brand. To this day, much of Pendleton’s wool comes
from the United States.

Woolen materials make their way to Pendleton owned and operated weaving mills in Oregon
and Washington, where it is dyed, carded, spun, woven, and finished. The finished product is
not only warm—it’s lustrous and fade-resistant, resilient and wrinkle-resistant, naturally
comfortable, water and stain repellant, breathable, and best of all, sustainable and renewable.

Here’s to many more years of quality woolen goods that embody craftsmanship, enrich lives,
and connect generations.

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