A Precious Metal Called Steel

BY Taylor Rebhan

We believe there’s no material more suitable than steel when it comes to producing a bicycle frame that is durable, highly responsive, and delivers an unsurpassed and pleasant riding experience. 

That’s why we’re proud to say our frames and forks are handcrafted in Wisconsin by Waterford Precision Cycle’s master craftspeople using US-made True Temper double-butted chromoly steel tubing. Although steel has developed a reputation for being heavy, the 2,000 year-old alloy is an exceptional material for bicycle frames because of its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, lasting durability and resistance to wear and fatigue (compared to aluminum and carbon). In fact, steel today is lighter, stronger and more versatile than ever. Its reliability has been tested and proven and it offers a superior and smooth ride because of its natural flex and vibration-dampening properties. If taken care of properly, your Shinola bike will be as rideable in 40 years as the day you buy it. 

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