The Motor City’s Non-Motorized Future

BY Taylor Rebhan

We don’t like to brag, but according to David Byrne (yes, that David Byrne), Detroit is one of the top eight cities in the world for cycling. We couldn’t agree more. With its wide, lightly-trafficked roads, flat terrain, and over 43 miles of bike lanes, we sometimes wonder why there aren’t more people biking here.

The thing is, more and more people are biking here, especially now that it’s officially summer. This is incredibly good news, as an increase in cyclists means stronger communities, across-the-board health improvements, and even improved economic activity.

Without a doubt, one project in particular has immeasurably helped to support this increase in ridership: the Dequindre Cut. Built over an abandoned Grand Trunk Western Railroad line on Detroit’s east side, the Cut is a beautiful cycling and pedestrian-friendly greenway that connects the Detroit River with the Eastern Market. The designers of the project consciously preserved the existing street art, which is considered by many to be masterpieces of the art form, and an extension of the greenway is planned for the near future.

The image above is from a recent ride we took on The Bixby through the Cut.  It was the perfect Sunday, with the sun out and the sky a hypnotic summer blue, and we decided it was a great place to to stop, take a break, and just enjoy the moment.

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