Mother’s Day Hints

BY Taylor Rebhan

Cheers to the women in our lives who have loved and mentored us since the beginning. The wise women who raised and nurtured us, listened to us in times of need and guided us to the right path. Whoever that mother figure is in your life, we encourage you to do something special for her this Mother’s Day, May 14. She might claim your love is all she needs, but we know better than that.

We asked moms from our Detroit headquarters what they want for Mother’s Day and what this holiday means to them. Read their Mother’s Day hints below. 


Shop the Relaxed Hobo

Why did you pick this gift? 

“As a mom, I constantly have to carry things around from work to home and everywhere in between. I love the style of this relaxed hobo bag and the color combination of camel and black. Working in the leather factory has taught me so much and I love seeing the finished products in our store.” 

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

“My two children J’Nyah and D’Ayrah push me to keep working hard each and every day. Mother’s Day is when we all spend time together. While not everyone has a mother, I believe this is a time to give thanks and appreciation to all the role models and people who took care of us. It’s a day for us all to relax and appreciate one another.”


Shop the Runwell Turntable

Why did you pick this gift? 

“My dream gift for Mother’s Day would definitely be the record player. On weekend mornings, my husband and I turn on music and dance with Luna (my baby girl). She loves it, and laughs hysterically. She especially likes the Dropkick Murphys and showtunes.”

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? 

“Being a mother is overwhelming. I never believed anyone when they told me I could love someone so much. I have been lucky enough to experience some amazing things in my life, and my goal now is to make sure she gets even more out of life. Luna is pretty amazing as far as babies go — even if she has only slept through the night once since she was born. If I haven’t gone crazy, I might not!”


Shop the Cass Watch 

Why did you pick this gift? 

“I picked the black and gold Cass Watch because I love the color scheme. The gold makes it a little dressy, but the double wrap bracelet keeps it from being too formal, plus it keeps me on time without having to be glued to my cell phone!”

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

“Being a mom is great. Having little people that are a variation of you is great to witness and also being able to experience the world through their eyes is refreshing. It’s also a great feeling to be able to give and receive the same unconditional love you’ve always had for your parents with your own children. Mother’s Day to me is a day for myself and my family to take a moment from our busy schedules to just relax and enjoy the time we have with each other. No appointments, things to do, or places to go, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. I have two kids: Luis is six and Ramona is three, and the new baby (the sex is still a surprise) will be arriving in 5 weeks (June 4th)!”


Shop the Medium Tote

Why did you pick this gift? 

“I’m always lugging around a ton of gear — the medium tote fits all the essentials and allows me quick access to whatever I need at the moment. I love that it has a removable shoulder strap, too!”

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

“Becoming a mom has been such an incredible experience. It’s the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I’m beyond grateful for every second of it.”


Shop The Gail watch

Why did you pick this gift? 

“I work in the watch factory everyday and this is my favorite new style I’ve been able to assemble and be a part of. However, my ultimate dream gift is for my children to look up to me as much as I look up to my own mother.”

What does Mother’s day mean to you?

“This year marks my eighth year of motherhood. Seeing that I just had my third child this past year makes me reflect on how much my family has grown. Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts. It is a day to show your mother how much she means to you for raising you and showing you how to be a better person in life.” 


Shop the Coin Edge Locket 

Why did you pick this gift? 

“Any mom will tell you there’s nothing they would change about their new life, but, it is easy to forget about yourself when you have a new baby. Wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry is a great way to remind yourself that you’re still important. The coin edge locket offers a classic look, reminiscent of something my grandmother would have worn when she was a young woman. It has the ability to immediately make me feel sophisticated and beautiful, which is something every woman (who spends her evenings covered in drool) needs.” 

What does Mother’s day mean to you?

“I used to roll my eyes at these kind of statements, but it’s amazing to realize for the first time what your heart is capable of. I walk around with the feeling of “new love” every day, annoying the office with my newfound positivity. Mother’s Day is about celebrating this new journey, and the people who support me daily.”

Shop the Mother’s Day Collection



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