Most Likely to Succeed

BY Taylor Rebhan

With a portion of the proceeds pledged to the Detroit-based Money Matters for Youth program, this watch gets good marks for a great cause.

The Most Likely to Succeed has its i’s dotted, its t’s crossed, and its heart in the right place.

The latest Detrola by Shinola features a khaki colorway that looks as good while hitting the books as it does while hitting the back nine. It’s a tribute to those with the drive, determination, and attention to detail to make it far in life.

Even smarter: Shinola has pledged $40,000 from the proceeds of the Most Likely to Succeed to future success stories through Money Matters for Youth.

Founded in 1996 by Gail Perry-Mason, Money Matters for Youth is a Detroit organization that holds a five-day annual camp for youth “investors” where students from 8 to 18 years old learn the basics of economics and financial literacy.

From golf lessons and vision board workshops to creating stock portfolios and starting their own mock businesses, youth investors are encouraged to take money matters into their own hands—and learn the skills that can help them make a career of it.

Students have attended speeches by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, rung the closing bell at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and met with successful business figures in the area. It’s all part of a Money Matters for Youth ethos. Young minds are like film—all they need is exposure, and they begin to develop.

“Young minds are like film—

all they need is exposure,

and they begin to develop.”

Money Matters for Youth is committed to fostering the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of young people, preparing them to have professional and personal success.
Every July in Detroit, between 100 and 200 students ages 8 to 18 learn the basics of economics and financial literacy.

Ms. Perry-Mason established Money Matters for Youth for that very reason. After hearing of a financial camp for youth that cost tens of thousands of dollars, excluding the communities most in need of money management skills, she created her own.

One that would open the door for young Detroiters at the very beginning of their lives—and ensure they had all the tools they needed to be the most likely to succeed.

Learn more about the vision of Money Matters for Youth on their website.

Real-life exposure and opportunity, including field trips near and far, are a core part of the Money Matters for Youth curriculum.

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