Men’s Lookbook: Thrill Seeker

BY Taylor Rebhan

Watch how Detroit-based, thrill-seeking photographer Joe Gall, better known as Camera Jesus, took our products up in a helicopter for the ultimate adventure for his interpretation of the traveling dad. Don’t miss the photos below.

“I’m sure not many people are used to flying around helicopters or traveling with a helicopter, so that’s always thrilling. My model asked the pilot how low we were allowed to fly and without hesitation the pilot just dropped right down to the Detroit River, like ten feet above it and kind of freaked him out, but in a good way,” Joe says.

“We flew over the Belle Isle Grand Prix race track to get a shot of the Shinola posters and everyone was waving up at the helicopter and we were waving back — it’s a really interesting way to see the city.”


Packing up the Flight Zip Tote with the Passport Wallet and Leather Wrapped Case for iPhoneThe Canfield Chrono 43mm is also pictured.


The Flight Zip Tote in action.


The Canfield Chrono 43mm and Leather Wrapped Case for iPhone flying over Detroit.


Flying over the Detroit River with the Leather Wrapped Case for iPhone and Passport Wallet.


A bird’s eye view of the Grand Prix track on Belle Isle featuring The Canfield Chrono 43mm.


Landing with the Flight Zip Tote.

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Discover the the Flight Zip Tote.

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