BY Taylor Rebhan

At Shinola, there’s nothing we love more than collaborating with other brands who support independent designers. So for this year’s second annual Holiday Ornament Collection, it only made sense to partner with WorkOf again.

WorkOf helped us tap into an unbelievably talented network of great American designers who each designed a unique ornament for our auction on Paddle8. From now until Dec. 17 you can place a bid on any of the 34 handmade ornaments. Proceeds will benefit our friends at MOCAD, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Read last week’s interview with WorkOf founder and creative director here.

Get to know two of the designers featured on WorkOf who participated in our Holiday Ornament Series below.


Eric Trine in his studio.

Eric Trine crafts his object-based designs in his Long Beach, California studio. He focuses on furniture and accessory design for the home, and small scale-design/build for commercial clients. Trine’s style embodies true Californian modernism — simple, approachable, casual, and cool — which is apparent in the ornament he designed.

Check out his studio tour on the WorkOf blog, or bid on his copper-plated steel “geode” ornament pictured below on the Paddle8 auction site.

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Eric Trine’s ornament.

Allied Maker is a Long Island-based design and manufacturing studio established in 2013 by designer Ryden Rizzo. Every piece is handcrafted in Allied Maker’s workshop and in collaboration with the best New York fabricators. Allied Maker is committed to manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting lighting made in the USA. 

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Ryden Rizzo in his studio.

Check out his studio tour on the WorkOf blog, or bid on his ornament design which is a small-scale version of his Arc Globe Pendant design on the Paddle8 auction site. For his design pictured below, he combined wood, brass, and hand-blown glass.

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Allied Maker ornament.

View the entire Holiday Ornament Collection here.

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