Meet the sister duo behind Gabriela Artigas Jewelry

BY Taylor Rebhan

Our newest jewelry offerings come from Mexican-born, L.A.-based sister duo, Gabriela and Teresita Artigas. “We know ourselves to a point that we don’t really need to talk to understand and know what the other one is thinking,” Teresita says. Many of the pieces in this unique collection are made in a single production cycle, allowing for one-of-a-kind, boldly minimalist jewelry no one else will have. Read our interview with Gabriela Artigas & Company below. 


Gabriela and Teresita Artigas.

Was creating a jewelry line always a dream for both of you? 

Teresita: The jewelry line was an unplanned event that we are very excited to be living. Our mom wanted a new necklace, but wanted us to make it for her so we went and got some stones and that was the beginning of Gabriela Artigas and Company. We have always been very interested in design and art, especially Gaby.

What is it like working together as sisters and what are your individual roles?

Teresita: I love working with Gaby. It’s a lot of fun to work with your sister and best friend. There are no limits and at the same time you have to establish a lot of them. We know ourselves to a point that we don’t really need to talk to understand and know what the other one is thinking. The hardest thing to get in business is a great and right partner. We have each other, so I guess we got lucky.


Gabriela Artigas Sterling Silver Rising Ring.

Describe your approach to designing jewelry, where you find inspiration, and what makes your pieces unique. 

Teresita: What makes our brand unique is our living, our experiences, point of view, and aesthetic. That is what set us apart as human beings, so it’s the same with our creative and design process. We like to play with contrasts and shapes.


Gabriela Artigas 14K Gold x Pendant Necklace

What is your favorite piece out of the jewelry Shinola is carrying in stores and online?

Teresita: The Large Rising tusk necklace and the Egg Cuff, but the Infinite Tusk earrings are part of our classic collection so we are always excited to see them at stores. The shape and fluidity of them both, they are very feminine shapes with a strong weight and touch. I love how they are cylindrical but they dapper down in the correct angles.


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