Meet the Maker: Jewelry Designer Pamela Love

BY Taylor Rebhan

Pamela Love began making jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment in 2007. Since then, she has created a full production facility and design studio in Manhattan’s garment district. Today, Pamela is embarking on her newest adventure with Shinola to produce a jewelry collection that marries her bold style with our classic aesthetic. 

“There wasn’t much hesitation,” she says of the partnership. “Of course I wanted to do this — I really believe in what Shinola is doing with its domestic manufacturing efforts and creating jobs in places where they are needed.”

Pamela worked closely with the Shinola design team to bring this collection to life. She also contributed her manufacturing resources, including her NYC studio where she was able to do a majority of the prototypes. As a CFDA award winner and Vogue Fashion Fund runner-up, we trusted Pamela’s experience to guide us through the design process. 

The first line of this ongoing partnership includes 54 pieces ranging from earrings, necklaces and cuffs, to bangles and rings. Sterling silver and 14K gold is used throughout the collection, accented by opal, tigers eye, onyx, mother of pearl, and diamond details. 

Read more about this jewelry collection in the interview with Pamela below. 


Large Lug Hoop Earrings

What were your main sources of inspiration for this collection?

I was very focused on the watches themselves, looking at the details that make Shinola watches so special. I was thinking a great deal about classic American jewelry — iconic pieces that are part of our language and passed down from generation to generation. 

We have a lot that we’re trying to explore here and we want to really be able to give people something beautiful.

When did you recognize your desire to manufacture your jewelry domestically?

To be honest, when I first started making jewelry, it was me in my house. In the beginning, I was very naïve in a way, it was just how things got made — in my studio, by hand. As orders got bigger then I was able to hire one jeweler, and then two jewelers…it started out that way because that was what made the most sense to me. I didn’t really understand the idea of overseas manufacturing at that point in time. 

Of course, as it grew, we had to expand our manufacturing, but we still always work with partners that we love and trust. We spend a lot of time with them and work closely together. For me, it has always been about creating jobs and creating an extended family, so to speak. 


Coin Edge Locket + Crescent Dome Rings

What advice would you give to someone who might be like you once were — working from home, trying to build their own brand?

I think it’s all about being persistent. Whatever you’re doing, it has to be worth it. If you really believe it’s something meaningful and that it’s an important thing to do for the world, not just for yourself, then be persistent and stubborn. You can’t give up.

Is it hard to find qualified jewelers to produce at the standards you’re looking for?

It can be quite difficult, and skillsets vary. There are a lot of people graduating from jewelry school that are just learning and we like to give those people the opportunity to grow and learn in my workshop. Then we have other jewelers who have been in the industry for 30 years, who are more like master jewelers. It is tricky, especially as the industry is going more and more towards technology and 3D printing — people tend to be more focused on that side of it than the handwork and craftsmanship. 

When we do find talented people, we want to make sure to get them on board and make sure that they’re excited. We really do try to find the best jewelers and take as good care of them as possible because it is so important to have them on your team.


Small Lug Hoop Earrings + Statement Signet Ring

What is your favorite material to work with?

Opal is my favorite stone, so I was very happy that Shinola’s team was also excited about the opportunity to work with opal.

Who do you think will appreciate this jewelry collection?

Someone who’s really concerned about how things are made and interested in things that aren’t typical, expected or obvious. She cares about craftsmanship. She cares about beautiful things, the story that goes along with the product.

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