The Leather Saddle Advantage

BY Taylor Rebhan

There are few bicycle components that stir as much passion and affection as the saddle. We think that’s probably due to the fact that the saddle is, simply put, a rider’s most intimate encounter with the bicycle. A good saddle must be supportive, but also comfortable, while maintaining structural integrity over the long haul. The trouble with a synthetic saddle, which is typically made of foam and hard plastic, is that it will never fit any better than it does right out of the box.

A leather saddle, on the other hand, has the ability to uniquely conform to each rider’s individual body shape, while also providing exceptional support. And that’s not to mention the legacy of leather use for bicycle saddles, which stretches back to the classic era of early bicycle innovation.

Shinola leather saddles are made entirely by hand using techniques that have gone unchanged for generations.  Although the leather will feel firm at first, like all Shinola goods they only get better with age. Over time, as the saddle forms to its rider’s unique body, it will not only deliver an incredibly comfortable ride, but also hold up for decades to come.

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