Introducing Shinola + GE

BY Taylor Rebhan

We are passionate tinkerers. It’s in our genes. Imagining and inventing ways to make a good idea more useful, more powerful and more beautiful, right here in America, is the spirit in which Shinola was founded, and the motivation behind our collaboration with General Electric.

For over a century, GE has been synonymous with quality American goods. From its introduction of the first electric toaster in the early 1900s to the digitally-enabled aircraft engines it produces today, GE has a heritage of innovating to help the world work better.

Shinola and GE have partnered to continue a legacy of creating products that improve everyday life. Our new line of home accessories include wall clocks and power cords that borrow the design cues and finishes of our bicycles, as well as the layered construction of our classic watches. From the curvature of the surface to the cotton over-braided cord, every detail has been considered, ensuring the product blends seamlessly into any environment while remaining an object of beauty in its own right.

Power Cord

Die-cast in zinc with a powdercoat finish, the 2-port and 5-port power cords borrow the design cues and finishes of our bicycles and the layered construction of our classic watches. The substantial enclosure also features a USB plug.

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Extension Cord

The flexible and durable extension cord, available in black, vermillion and cream, is designed to prevent kinks and bends.

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Wall Clocks

Inspired by the very first watch we built in Detroit, The Runwell Wall Clock is distinguished by our signature modern American aesthetic. The matte dial features raised numerals and luminous hands, all contained in a polished chrome case under domed glass.



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