Introducing The Canfield Cannonball

BY Taylor Rebhan

We’re proud to announce our newest limited-edition timepiece inspired by “The Wabash Cannonball”, a famed American Folk song about a fictional train from the late 19th century. Like the musicians who rode the railway and chronicled the American experience in their folk songs, the Canfield Cannonball celebrates the early railroad as a force that changed American music forever. 

By 1869, the American railroad had connected communities across the country, making travel easier than ever before. Whether for business, for pleasure, or in search of a better life — Americans spread rapidly across the nation. 

And music followed.

With the movement of people came the movement of musical styles and introduction of new instruments and rhythms to different parts of the land. As musical styles spread, they adapted to their new environments. The same song could often be heard in different towns with slight variations in lyrics and instrumentation. One story told through a variety of voices, painting a picture of what American life was really like.

The original documented version of the song “Wabash Cannonball” is credited to J.A. Roff in 1882. Countless variations of the song have been made since then. Lyrics evolved alongside the railroad as trains revolutionized transportation in the United States. The song continued to be rewritten by different people across the country, and folk, blues, jazz, country, rock ‘n’ roll and Motown music were formed along the way. This watch honors the evolution of music, thanks to the railroad. 


This 1000-piece limited-edition timepiece comes as part of a gift set packaged in a custom wooden box. It also includes a 45-RPM vinyl record, housed in a bourbon leather sleeve made of Shinola signature leather, featuring a a cover of the “Wabash Cannonball” by Lukas Nelson, son of legendary country singer, Willie Nelson. 

As a friend of the brand, Nelson recorded “Wabash Cannonball” for the first time, exclusively for this Shinola collaboration. We believe his music embodies the American spirit. 


The Canfield Cannonball 43mm watch has a sophisticated, open dial viewing area, diamond-cut design hands, and a signature coin edge detail like the traditional Canfield design.


Updated details include a closed railroad minute track and a navy strap in pebbled leather.


The Canfield Cannonball pictured outside of Detroit’s Michigan Central Train Station


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