Our Guide On The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

BY Shinola Team

Finding a new pair of glasses is sometimes overwhelming with the many options available on the market today. From a multitude of materials and colors to the different shapes and sizes, picking the perfect combination of fit and style can get a little blurry.

Sometimes a good place to start is your face shape. It’s often said that certain face shapes pair better with certain shapes of glasses. While this is not the end-all-be-all rule for picking a pair of glasses, it can act as a guide when sorting through all the choices. Take a look at our suggestions on the best glasses for face shapes. 

Determining Your Face Shape

First things first — how do you know what face shape you have? The most common face shapes consist of the following:

  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Round
  • Triangular

The catch? Hardly anyone has a face shape that matches perfectly with any of the above. The bonus? This means that many types of glasses look good on all face shapes! However, you can look in a mirror and pick out some of your key facial features to get an idea of which shape might be most closely aligned with yours. Here are some questions to answer to give yourself a better idea:

  • Is your jawline curved or angular?
  • Is your forehead wide or narrow?
  • Are your cheekbones prominent or soft?

If you’re still unsure of your face shape, we’ve broken down each primary face shape in the next sections with a more specific description and the shapes of glasses typically recommended for that face shape. But keep in mind the most important part about choosing a new pair of glasses is that they’re comfortable and preferable to you and your style. As we said before, these are just suggestions, not rules. So if you’re looking for the answer to the age-old question of “what glasses look good on me?”, keep reading. 

Best Glasses For Oval Faces

This face shape is often seen to be the most universal and can wear most shapes of glasses well. Oval-shaped faces are typically balanced in proportions with higher and wider cheekbones and a slightly more narrow forehead and chin.

Recommend Glasses Shapes: Glasses that are as wide or wider than your face look great on oval-shaped faces. This includes square, rectangle, d-frame, walnut, and other geometric-shaped frames.

Best Glasses For Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wider top portion of their face that narrows as you go down toward the chin. This face shape is a good complement to most glasses except bottom-heavy or oversized frames. 

Recommend Glasses Shapes: Many recommended glasses shapes aim to enhance the top of your face and add balance to its width. Frames that accomplish this include aviator, rectangular, oval, round, or rimless frames. 

Best Glasses For Square Faces

Square-shaped faces are categorized as having roughly the same sized jawline and forehead. This means they often have angular features with a clear cut line between the top and bottom of the face.

Recommend Glasses Shapes: Square faces shine when you wear the opposite type of glasses, meaning oval or round-shaped frames. These types of frames accentuate and bring contrast to your facial angles and eyes. 

Best Glasses For Diamond Faces

If you’ve got a diamond face-shaped, you’re one of the lucky few! This face shape is one of the most uncommon, but by no means does that mean you’re short of glasses that will look great on you. Diamond faces are characterized by having narrower foreheads and chins and wider and fuller cheekbones.

Recommend Glasses Shapes: Frames that soften this face shape’s unique lines tend to be particularly complimentary. This includes glasses that are oval, rimless, d-frame, cat-eye, or round.

Best Glasses For Round Faces 

Round-shaped faces feature soft, curved lines with roughly the same sized forehead and jawline. The cheekbones are also usually full and the chin is typically more rounded as well. 

Recommend Glasses Shapes: Round faces are similar to square faces in the sense that they tend to look the best in opposites shapes. Instead of curvier glasses to soften the hard angles, angular glasses give more definition to round faces. This can include frames that are rectangular, angular, geometric, d-frame, or cat-eye.

Best Glasses For Triangular Faces

Triangular faces are wider toward the bottom and narrower toward the top of your face — almost like an upside-down heart face. 

Recommend Glasses Shapes: Opposites are a triangular face’s friend as well. Glasses with frames that play and mix different shapes and angles will complement this face shape extremely well. This includes aviator, cat-eye, and d-frame glasses.

Shinola Eyewear For Any Face Shape

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