From: The City of Love, To: The Heart of Detroit

BY Danielle Zito

A symbol of devotion, strong enough to stand the test of time. Inspired by the most romantic bridge on Earth. 

Overlooking the serene Seine River, nestled between Paris’s Musée du Louvre and the Institut de France, stands the most romantic bridge on Earth. The Pont des Arts was home to a boldly sentimental Parisian tradition and remains a bucket-list destination for romantics all around the world.

Once upon a time, not long ago, lovers flocked to the City of Love with locks in hand to place along the bridge. Once fastened, the keys to the lock were tossed in the river below—the ultimate gesture of timeless love and everlasting devotion.

By 2015, millions of padlocks lined the bridge. It was a sight that would overwhelm any observer with feelings of joy and love. But the sheer physical weight of all these locks ultimately led sections of the Pont des Arts to collapse. As a result, the locks were removed once the bridge was restored almost a decade ago.

Locking your love to the bridge may now be forbidden, but the symbolism continues to provide endless inspiration.

The Pont des Arts in Paris, France.


One of those inspired is Aaron Decker, Shinola’s jewelry product development manager. The bridge, and the legacy it carries, sparked a flame of creativity for Aaron as he considered the meaning behind the Heart Collection. Could an iconic Paris landmark have a connection to a brand from Detroit?

“Beginning with the love letter envelop, then the heart lock—and the heart lock iteration really stuck. It’s something that we continue to explore and incorporate different silhouettes into because, well, people love, love.”

It was in that moment that he knew, it was time to lock the collection’s identity down.

A single padlock fastened to the bridge.


Much like love, crafting jewelry is a delicate dance. Smaller in nature, people often forget how complex it can be, so building a strong foundation is the key. When it comes down to a necklace, ring, or anything you would adorn the one you adore, materials are everything. For this Valentine’s Day Heart Collection, sparkling genuine rubies and glittering 14k yellow gold are at the center of it all.

Naki wears Petite Heart Lock Ruby Pave Pendant Necklace & Petite Ruby Pave Heart Drop Earrings.

It’s true that you can’t lock your love to the Pont des Arts anymore, but the exquisite details of the Heart Lock Ruby Pavé Pendant Necklace are an enduring statement of devotion that can never be denied.

Layering on the charm or subtle gestures that stand on their own, the Heart Collection was crafted to fit all expressions of affection. “We never tell people to wear our jewelry a certain way,” Decker fondly adds. “We want people to know that this collection is for everyone and that every piece can be paired or styled to who you are.”

Down to its core, the Heart Collection represents the bridge between the passion for craft and human connection. Because when a piece of jewelry has the power to bring people together and tell a story, what’s not to love?

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