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How To Find Out What Prescription Your Glasses Are

BY Shinola Team

In the market for a new pair of glasses but forgot what prescription you have? There are a few simple actions you can take to figure out what your eye prescription is. 

How To Know Your Glasses Prescription

Your glasses prescription may be something you have memorized if it has stayed consistent over the years, but in most cases, we’re willing to bet it’s probably not a high priority. So how can you get it? 

Your eyeglasses prescription should be on file at the optician or eye practice you regularly go to to get eye exams. After an exam, you should be given a paper or digital copy of your prescription, but in the event you didn’t get one or have lost it, you can always request a new one. Opticians and eye practices are required by law to share your prescription with you free of charge upon request. Depending on your optician, they might require you to request one in person, however. 

If you’re looking to get your prescription from existing glasses, there are a couple of new ways online to accomplish this.

  • If your prescription is up-to-date, there are a couple of companies that offer smartphone apps that use your camera to scan your current glasses and determine their existing prescription without having to visit an optician.
  • If you’re needing a new prescription, you can often take an online eye exam for a small fee and receive a newly updated prescription within 24 hours. 

These options are best for those who just need an updated version of their current prescription or just need to know what their current prescription is.

What To Do Once You’ve Got Your Eye Prescription

Once you’ve got your glasses prescription on hand, now the shopping can commence. Whether you’re looking to replace a broken pair or just adding another option into your daily rotation, Shinola’s first-ever original eyewear features three frames crafted in the same meticulous and thoughtful way our watches are.  Designed in-house and made in the USA with premium imported materials, these frames are sure to be the ones you go reaching for again and again. From the custom hardware to the riveted hinges, every last detail is signature Shinola. There’s the Rambler, assertive and sporty. The Bixby, ultra-flattering on any face with vintage details and a keyhole bridge. And the Runwell. Like its namesake, it’s a classic.

Put Your Prescription In Your Favorite Frames 

After you’ve settled on your favorite pair of frames, a licensed optician can help you put your Rx in these prescription-friendly glasses. You can also use the Shinola Eyewear size guide below to find the perfect fit.

Your prescription is rarely put on the glasses since there are so many different frames and lenses available. But you may notice numbers on the sides of your frames. Here’s what they mean:

  1. Eye size number: This is the size of the lenses on your frame.
  2. Bridge size number: This is the distance between the lenses.
  3. Temple length number: This is the length of the arms that will sit on your ears.

These existing numbers on your old glasses in combination with our size guide above will help you get a pair that’s fit for you.

But that’s not all we included. To make our eyewear able to be lived in, worn out, and well-loved, every pair of Shinola glasses features durable, scratch-resistant CR39 lenses and blue-light blocking tech to reduce eye strain and promote better sleep. Read more about the blue light glasses benefits.

Keep Your Eyes Protected In Style

Now that you’ve figured out how to know your eye prescription, shop Shinola eyewear for your next pair of prescription glasses that are just as functional as they are stylish.

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