Examining the layers of the Canfield Sport

BY Taylor Rebhan

It’s style and sport.

Power and precision.

Craftsmanship and artistry.

Our most refined and modern timepiece to date, the Canfield Sport is our take on the quintessential American sports watch.

Because complexity takes center stage in this series, the design phase for these timepieces was anything but easy. 

“The challenge for this project was to bring all the elements together in a harmonious and effortless way,” says Molly Wang, the designer of the Canfield Sport. “For example, we chose a matte dial background to contrast the polished elements of the timepiece. We also raised the 6 o’clock sub dial in an effort to reduce clutter.” 

There are two sizes and two new movements among the 10 colorway options for the Canfield Sport: a 40mm with the Argonite 5040.D quartz movement, and a 45mm with an Argonite 5040.F quartz movement. Both movements are highly accurate and built in Detroit with Swiss and imported parts. 


Clean and elevated, every Canfield Sport features three sub dials and a fixed top ring with ceramic insert. No detail of the timepiece is without purpose.

“The ceramic insert speaks to the ethos of the watch.  Ceramic is known for its lasting richness, and beauty as an elevated material,” Greg Verras added, the designer behind the original Canfield.


It’s an ambitious collection that deserved an ambitious introduction. That’s why we launched #ShinolaBuilds, a remarkable behind-the-scenes series designed to take people on the journey as we meticulously assembled these stunning timepieces.

People who expressed early interest in the design were given a front row seat to the detailed process. 

But in case you missed it, here’s a look at some of the big steps:


The precision will have you in a trance. The Argonite 5040.F is the most complex movement our watch team has ever assembled. This chronograph features three sub dials, a dual calendar aperture, fourth date hand and powerful, long-lasting battery. 


A dial plate is placed onto the movement with exceptional accuracy in our Detroit factory.

The delicate hands for the main dial and sub dials are firmly attached before the sapphire crystal is cleaned one last time and fastened onto the watch.

Finally, the timepiece is adorned with a signature Shinola case back.


Before the Canfield Sport is ready for your wrist, it needs to undergo a pressure test to ensure the case is properly sealed and water resistant. 

Once the ATM test is complete, the Canfield Sport is fitted with its strap and packaged.

*The Canfield Sport has launched. Check out the collection here. 


Our next big launch is right around the corner. Receive our #ShinolaBuilds updates by joining the wait list for future products or check out the hashtag on our social channels. 

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