Craft And Design Come Together

BY Taylor Rebhan

Having our watch factory and headquarters located within the College for Creative Studies provides us with a unique collaborative opportunity. We believe that ideas comes from students as well as their teachers, so we are proudly sponsoring immersive design courses that allow us to engage directly with CCS students.

The first course we sponsored centered on the build-out and design of our headquarters, and since then we’ve sponsored courses on bicycles and watches, and are currently nearing the end of a course on leather accessories. 

Every course we’ve been involved with so far has been a great exploration of craft and skill, but the watch course stands outpartly because we’re obsessed with the intricacies of watchmaking and design, but mostly because the students brought an entirely original perspective to their projects and produced an immense variety of prototypes.

View this video to see more about the watch design course we sponsored at CCS.

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